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Energy Efficient Heating & AC Systems

Optimize Home Energy Savings—High Efficiency Furnace and AC

Use the Energy Efficiency Program to Lower Installation Costs

Looking for ways to save energy at your Wisconsin home? Installing a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner should be No.1 on your list. Home heating and cooling account for a significant portion of your energy bill, so switching to high efficiency HVAC systems can reduce energy consumption without compromising your comfort.

There are many energy saving solutions for heating and cooling available in the market today. While there is some debate about the pros and cons of solar energy, geothermal and dual fuel systems have become popular with home and business owners.

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a smart alternate energy choice. In addition to saving up to 70% of your energy bills, they also promote a healthier indoor and outdoor environment. Whether you’re looking for optimal home energy savings or working towards a green commercial building, geothermal energy saving solutions offer satisfying returns. The reason:

o Fewer moving parts and indoor location reduces maintenance

o Lifespan of up to 25 years (when compared to the traditional 13) increases your ROI

o Since no fossil fuels are being burned, they reduce emissions and your carbon footprint.

  • Hybrid or dual fuel systems are an excellent choice for home and business owners who are not yet comfortable with alternate sources of energy. Also known as dual fuel heat pumps, all-weather or all-fuel systems, they perform both heating and cooling functions.

o You can save on the cost of installing and operating a separate high efficiency furnace and energy efficient air conditioner.

o They are cheaper to install than geothermal energy saving solutions.

o The advanced heat pump efficiency offers the lowest operating expenses when compared to other traditional and alternate energy HVAC systems.

Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance is well-known for its advanced hybrid and geothermal heating and cooling systems. We have been promoting residential energy efficiency in Madison, Mount Horeb, Black Earth, Middleton, Fitchburg, Verona and Barneveld, Wisconsin for more than 10 years.

Call 608-437-3666 to discuss the latest energy saving products for heating and air conditioning in Dane County, Iowa County and Green County, Wisconsin.

We can help you take advantage of energy efficiency programs to reduce your set up costs.

Customized Energy Saving Solutions for Wisconsin Homes

Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance focuses on providing cost-efficient energy saving products for heating and cooling products that cater to your exact needs. We treat your home like our own, offering high efficiency gas furnaces, heat pumps and geothermal systems that optimize your comfort and savings. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, we can show you many ways to save energy at home.

What is the Olson Advantage?

  • Latest energy saving products such as GeoComfort, Carrier and York, etc. employ advanced technology for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Proper sizing and calibration of your high efficiency furnace/heat pump contributes to optimal home energy savings and problem-free service.
  • Our hybrid systems offer optimal heat pump efficiency and are available in a wide variety of types including split systems.
  • Dual fuel systems service any size home or commercial space. They also allow for easy installation or retrofits as most often they don’t require wiring or electric service upgrades.
  • We only send Nate-Certified technicians to do your work.
  • We offer a biannual Maintenance Service Plan to keep your high efficiency furnace and air conditioner working the way it’s supposed to.

Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance truly cares about optimizing your home energy savings.

Contact us at 608-437-3666 or fill out our online appointment request for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment to discuss a geothermal heating and cooling system or high efficiency heat pump for your South-Central Wisconsin home or office.

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